Jam-Packed with Cutting-Edge Features

Club Manager is designed to grow with your organization. Simply select the features you need and eliminate the ones you don’t.

Membership Management

Club Manager makes your processes more efficient and saves time and money by automating tedious tasks. All membership information is centralized and easily accessible by administrators, event leaders, and members. You can also use Club Manager to stay in touch with members, your board of directors, and employees.

Email lists and templates make targeted email outreach hassle-free.
Easily scan and search your Member Database by user, event, membership type, etc.
Sign Up
Monitor new member signups and instantly store emergency contact info.
Easily track participation and volunteer hours in one place. Keep tabs on members’ usability/skill level.
Streamline data collection by automatically storing it in your accessible database.

Equipment Management

Club Manager tracks the maintenance status of equipment. You can easily tag items with maintenance needs and assign priority levels based on severity. Member progress tracking can automatically award certifications and ratings, which ensures members can only checkout equipment they are qualified to use.

Administrators have access to real-time and future views of available equipment, so you can easily monitor checkouts and reservations.
Members can easily reserve and sign out equipment right from their desktop or mobile device.
Simplify equipment checkout by integrating membership cards and scanners so members can only reserve and checkout equipment they are qualified to use.
Easily track equipment usage, scheduling, and maintenance requests. Monitor who used what equipment when to maintain member and staff accountability.

Event Management

With Club Manager, Members can sign-up online and administrators and event leaders can create free and paid events for members and non-members. Administrators can also enable prerequisite restrictions, add waiting lists, accept deposits or full payments, print attendance records, and more.

Color-coded reporting tools display who has paid and who owes money.
Categorize the events by type and display them in calendar or list view. Administrators can print attendance rosters that include each attendee’s name, picture, and emergency contact number.
Keep all of your forms and member requisites in the cloud and access it anytime.
Easily integrate events with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Contact info is stored with the event, so you can easily get in touch with event participants.

Sales Management

Club Manager offers both onsite and online sales. It allows your organization to compile and track both online and on-site event and merchandise sales. Any time that you are running low on merchandise, an automated email is sent to your office so you’ll know ahead of time what needs to be ordered and when.

Classify memberships and/or offer discounts to certain member-types, such as students or seniors.
Club Manager allows members to instantly pay for their rentals. Once the transaction is complete, just click on the invoice number to view a PDF of the sale.
All of your forms and sales records are kept safe and secure in the cloud. If you’re looking for something specific, a quick database search will surface your results.
Club Manager integrates with popular accounting software, so you can instantly track your sales and know your numbers.


Club Manager doesn’t just make managing your club easier - it also makes it smarter. You can gain valuable insight into which products or events generate the most revenue by running tailored reports, generating statistics for events, tracking equipment usage, and a whole lot more.